Moving for College Bound Students

By | July 14, 2015

Summer is nearly here. Finals are on the horizon. Freedom from the daily grind of homework and lecture. However as you-a student at Texas Tech University-begin packing up your points to go residence for the summer, you could locate you’ve got much much more stuff compared to you wish to haul all of the method spine home. Why would certainly you necessity that fuzzy lounge chair spine in the space you discuss along with your little sister? You surely won’t necessity this added established of bedding you bought merely for the dorm that won’t suit your bed spine at home. There’s a microwave that you won’t need. And you have actually a box complete of studious desk supplies that you haven’t also believed concerning in weeks. And that mini-fridge…

Why lug all of this added stuff residence as soon as you could just leave below in Lubbock?

After finals are said and done, and the dorms close for the summer, you’ll have actually many stuff you won’t usage again until next semester. Did you already know that you can easily rent a small storage area in numerous Lubbock self-storage spots that will certainly expense you much less compared to a journey to Six-Flags and spare all of the trouble of taking a car-complete of dorm stuff across the state? There are numerous mini-storage choices widely readily available to Lubbock college students that wish to spare a great deal of headaches and delight in their summer break.

And if that fee tag is what’s holding you back, consider sharing a area along with your roommate or a friend. Renting a storage area isn’t considerably various compared to renting a living space. The 2 of you can easily discuss the space-and the cost-for half the price.

just what concerning that television you won’t have actually area for at your parent’s house? A gaming console, perhaps? a lot of self-storage sites in Lubbock have actually climate-controlled choices that can easily provide a benign environment to your much more practical possessions. That way, you already know that the West Texas heat won’t affect those points you wish to leave behind for the summer. There are convenient, affordable self-storage sites close to Texas Tech, to ensure the begin to your summer can easily go as rapidly and smoothly as possible.

Visit, where you’ll have the ability to locate short article on their locations, rates, unit sizes, and also FAQ that can easily answer merely concerning any sort of questions you have. You can easily begin obtaining all of your added belongings from the method prior to finals. The individuals at Lubbock’s self-storage sites will certainly be delighted to insight you free up a little area this summer.